Professional Work

Projects that I've been involved with professionally, through freelance contracts and/or permanent roles within the Games Industry

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Role: Scenery Technician

Employer: Orbx Simulation Systems

Kingdom Jump

Role: Lead Level Designer

Employer: Pineapple Studios

Level Designs

A selection of Level Designs I have done including breakdowns and remakes of levels from existing games as well as level designs for original projects.

VR Medical Safe Space

Role: Game/Level Designer

Team Size: 4

Other Games and Projects

Projects I've worked on, including Game Jams, University Projects and Individual Projects, doing work in similar roles such as Game Design and/or Programming


Role: Game/Level Designer

Team Size: 6

Couch Co-op Puzzle Shooter

Role: Game/Level Designer

Chaos Crusaders

Role: Gameplay Designer and Programmer