Portfolio Games

A selection of games I have been involved with, with capacity varying from Game & Level Designer, to programming, and art


Role: Game/Level Designer

Team Size: 6

VR Medical Safe Space

Role: Game/Level Designer

Team Size: 4

Chaos Crusaders

Role: Gameplay Designer and Programmer

Level Designs

A selection of Level Designs I have done including breakdowns and remakes of levels from existing games as well as level designs for original projects

Professional Work

Projects that I've been involved with professionally, through freelance contracts and/or permanent roles within the Games Industry

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Role: Scenery Technician

Employer: Orbx Simulation Systems

Unannounced Indie Game

Role: Level Designer

Employer: Pineapple Studios


Solo-implementations for research, educational and/or experimentation purposes

Couch Co-op Puzzle Shooter

Role: Game/Level Designer

VR Mini Bowling

Role: Game/Level Designer and Programmer