Weekly Reflection – 11/10/2019

Summary of what happened:
Following my post on Monday, a significant amount of progress was made on Project Stealth and on my learning for broadening my skillset for future opportunities. From getting a playable demo of Project Stealth on the web to becoming more familiar with the practises and procedures of Quality Assurance testing, here’s the full list of what was achieved and what could be done to improve things in the future.

What Goals were achieved and how were they achieved?
➤ Project Stealth now has a playable demo and has been publicly released. Prior to this release, extra level segments after the player character gains the ability to attack enemies. A lot of tweaking of item placements and AI perception was needed to make sure the release had as few bugs as possible but tweaking AI is a very challenging task on it’s own with how complicated it is to work with in Blueprint scripting.
➤ I managed to get further understanding of Quality Assurance testing from undergoing an online course on the subject as I decided that doing such a course would help to broaden my horizons and would improve career opportunities for me. This week, I managed to gain an understanding of Black Box Testing, Preparation and Real-Time testing, the difference between manual and automation testing, the importance of time management in a QA context and the life cycle for finding, testing and resolving bugs. Still have more to learn from here though. That journey is still ongoing.
➤ From beginning a new online course on character design, I gained an insight into narrative theory and how that can be applied to designing characters for video games. Some of the theories discussed such as The Hero’s Journey, I’d read about in the past but other theories such as Driver and Passenger characters I learned about for the first time. What I also got from my learning so far was how factors such as time, location and culture play a big role in deciding who the character is and what they will be doing in the story. But this is only the very beginning. I’ve to continue carrying on with the course to learn about the gameplay decisions behind designing characters for games. Ultimately, I’m hoping that this particular course will help to broaden my skills as a Game Designer which I hope to apply to a future project after completing Project Stealth.

Overall, I’d say this past week was a very productive week with a major milestone achieved for Project Stealth and I’m confident that my skillset will become more diverse in time. I’ll post again on Monday to go over next week’s plan so stay tuned for then.