Weekly Reflection – 1/11/2019

Well, it’s now November and the end of yet another week which means reflection time. This week I managed to get two more level drafts for the Project Stealth’s revised level, Jailbreak, completed, meaning I’m now ready to move on to evaluating the drafts and whipping up a final draft in preparation for making the level blockout in Unreal Engine 4.

The second level draft for Jailbreak
The third draft for Jailbreak

The first draft, which used a spiral-like player path, can be viewed in last week’s reflection for those of you who are wondering why it isn’t present here.

The second draft was intended to take advantage of two floors which I felt had a fairly good player path in the starting area on the upper floor but after that, I feel that the player path was too confusing due to the player having to move up and down the same corridor before progressing back on to a straightforward path.

The third draft I felt was a major improvement from the previous two drafts because it follows a more straightforward player path while showing the level’s progress in a well-ordered fashion. The form of the player path, I believe, is more of a horseshoe shape than anything, despite using a hexagon as the template shape. Only real concern that I have with the third draft is the player’s path is too linear and doesn’t encourage exploration as much.

This has given me the major tasks of figuring out how I can combine the three Jailbreak drafts, and maybe the best elements of previous level ideas, into a finalised level draft and translating the finalised draft into a blockout in Unreal Engine 4. I think it will be time that I finally get back to the technical side of development next week.

Stay tuned for Monday’s post where I plan for next week’s work towards Project Stealth and beyond.