Weekly Plan – 7th October 2019

Starting now, I will be writing two weekly blog posts going over my weekly aims and goals in regards to the development of my portfolio games in addition to my professional development following the completion of my studies at University.

These blog posts will appear every Monday and Friday. The Monday posts will go over the plan for the week, what activities will need to be done and what will be needed achieve the goals listed. The Friday posts will take a more reflective stance, discussing which goals were met, which goals were not met, why the successes and failures happened and what could be done to improve things in the future.

Here’s the first post to start this all off. This week, I’m aiming to get a playable prototype for my personal project, codenamed Project Stealth, after failing to deliver a playable prototype last week due to needing to make a considerable amount of gameplay tweaks to make the gameplay more balanced, in addition to learning more about software testing and starting a new course on character design for video games.

Weekly Goals:

➤ Release a playable prototype for Project Stealth for public playtesting

➤ Begin learning and understanding the principles of character design for video games

➤ Continue learning and understanding practices and methodologies for software quality assurance (QA)

What would be needed to achieve those goals and why:

➤ Continued implementation of level elements in Project Stealth to take the game beyond teaching the player how to progress through the level, this is being done to provide the player an opportunity to make full use of the skills at their disposal after they have obtained everything they need to progress through the full level as well as having access to more areas within the level.

➤ Watching through the video lectures and taking notes for the Quality Assurance course that I’m currently undergoing. This would help to continue developing my knowledge in software testing which would help to support getting a job as a QA tester which would widen up my opportunities in the Games Industry.

➤ Watching the video lectures of a game character design course which started today, taking notes and doing the activities put in place. This is an opportunity to learn more about designing characters for my games and giving me opportunities to practice those skills in preparation for future projects and/or employment.

Another blog post will be written on Friday to discuss how the goals and aims this week were approached and whether or not they were successful. Stay tuned for then.