Weekly Plan – 28/10/2019

It’s a new week and I’m still recovering from a fun day up at MCM Comic Con on Saturday (where I was tipped at a possible opportunity by a visiting indie developer who I met at an event earlier this year) but that doesn’t stop me from continuing work on Project Stealth.

As mentioned last Friday, I’ve managed to produce a handful of paper drafts for Project Stealth’s revised level while finding some older drafts which could be useful for the next stage of the project. I just need to produce a couple more paper drafts and then I hope to be at the stage where a finalised level draft is done and ready for the blocking out stage.

With that being said, here’s this week’s plan:
➤ Complete two additional level drafts
➤ Analyse the best elements of each and every level draft
➤ Using the analysis, create a finalised level concept

Furthermore, here’s some stretch goals for this week should I get the planned tasks for this week completed:
➤ Begin creating the blockout for the finalised level concept
➤ Find and Resolve information gaps in the Project Wiki (the full Design Document for Project Stealth which is currently lacking in terms of content)

Ultimately, I believe this week will be focused on finishing the conceptualisation stage of Project Stealth’s level which will set the foundation work for bringing the level and therefore the full game to life, hopefully completed and playable by the time of the next public playtesting session in late November.

I look forward to reflecting on the results of this week’s activity on Friday.