Weekly Plan – 21/10/2019

Following a day of networking at EGX during the weekend and a slight chance at more networking this coming weekend at MCM Comic Con, I’ve been given a very valuable insight on what I need to do to improve my portfolio and to become a better game and level designer than I was before.

Following this, I now need to continue working on Project Stealth but keeping a closer eye on the process involved in the game and level design and making sure that it’s noted down in my portfolio.

That being said, here’s the planned activity for this week:
➤ Create paper drafts for the second level of Project Stealth. This will provide me with a framework for the level blockout, something which was not done properly for the level that’s currently there.
➤ Improve pitch document for Project Stealth and have it accompany the game on it’s page on my portfolio
➤ Update Portfolio item pages to reflect the design processes that were used for each piece of work.

Hopefully this could help to improve my portfolio and stand out as a Game and Level Designer while staying motivated to keep going at my portfolio work. I’ll make another post on Friday to see how things turn out.