Weekly Plan – 14/10/2019

The week ahead is certainly going to be a very eventful one to say the least. Ranging from carrying out public playtesting for Project Stealth to further professional development. All in time for a big networking opportunity this weekend.

This week’s Goals:
➤ Conduct Public Playtesting of Project Stealth and evaluate results for future design and development
➤ Continue with learning procedures and practices for QA testing
➤ Continue with learning about character design for video games

What would be needed to achieve those goals and why:
➤ Project Stealth’s play testing will require the assistance of willing participants. While the publicly released demo provides opportunities for feedback, it’s very difficult to gauge if the game is fun to play or not due to being unable to see and hear player reactions, relying purely on written feedback. Fortunately the Gaming Society at the University I used to attend has granted me permission to conduct an in-person playtesting session this week and I’m still within the local area of the University I used to attend. This should help me greatly with noting down how players react to Project Stealth, what comments players make and allowing me to process the feedback which will inform the design and development decisions that will be made for future development. Furthermore, this should provide very strong discussion points during my networking opportunity on Saturday.
➤ For the QA and Character Design courses, it’s a case of watching and engaging with further video lectures for the courses and doing any practical exercises as and when they come up.

I will post again on Friday to go over what has happened throughout the week and reflect on the successes and failures that I was faced with this week.