VR Mini Bowling

VR Mini Bowling

Role: Game/Level Designer and Programmer


  • Designed gameplay and design for a VR context

Download: http://bit.ly/2ugYhir

During my final year of University, I took on a unit where I developed an academic and practical insight for designing and developing applications for Virtual Reality. As a part of this unit, I was required to create an application where the intended user group uses VR technology to interact with the environment that they’ve been immersed into.

My project was a bowling game that intends to combine elements from traditional bowling and mini-golf. The objective is to roll the three balls into the green cylinder object. The game made use of the VRTK asset package (Found here: https://github.com/thestonefox/VRTK ) and SteamVR to create a family-friendly VR experience for the whole family. While it was developed using an Oculus Rift, also runs with the HTC Vive without a problem.