Unannounced Indie Game

Unannounced Indie Game

Role: Level Designer

Employer: Pineapple Studios


  • Created Level Layouts using GIMP. This formed initial level design ideas for how the level would appear, what obstacles the player had to avoid and where and when the player would have to fight an enemy.
  • Created Level Blockouts using Unity using the Level Layout and the Level Design Document written by the Lead Level Designer as a reference. This allowed me to create my level designs in a game engine using placeholder primitive objects to represent enemies, hazards, rewards, etc. that had yet to be implemented into the project.
  • Tested Levels and making adjustments to Level Designs to find the fun in each and every level using Unity. This process was also an opportunity to perform Quality Assurance tasks such as finding and reporting bugs to the design and programming teams and working collaboratively to find solutions to fix the issues in question.
  • Adjusting and Iterating written Design Documentation for Gameplay Elements, Mechanics and Level Designs alongside other members of the Level Design team