Kingdom Jump

Kingdom Jump

Role: Level Designer

Employer: Pineapple Studios


  • Created Level Layouts using GIMP. This formed initial level design ideas for how the level would appear, what obstacles the player had to avoid and where and when the player would have to fight an enemy.
  • Adjusting and Iterating the Design Documentation for Gameplay Elements, Mechanics and Level Designs alongside other members of the Level Design team.
  • Polishing Levels designed by tweaking gameplay elements to make the game fun to play and regularly playtesting the levels with other team members.
  • Ran weekly meetings with the Level Design team to review weekly activities.
  • Representing the interests of the Level Design team in weekly playtesting meetings with Leads from other departments.
  • Built Single Player Levels using pre-built environment assets created by the 2D Art team to quickly create art-complete, polished levels.

Kingdom Jump Official Website

Play Kingdom Jump Here!
(NOTE: Kingdom Jump is currently playable on Android devices in the UK and the Phillipines)

Summary of Job

Employment Type

Full-Time Freelance Contract (June 2020 – February 2021)

Level Designer Role

I was responsible for designing and implementing the single player levels for Kingdom Jump. I saw each and every level from written concept to a final playable level.

Team Leadership

I managed a team of 7 level designers, including myself. Additionally, I worked closely with other departments in the studio to design elements to implement into the levels.

Weekly meetings were conducted to keep the team up to date with what was going on in the company. I would reflect on successes and lessons learned from our activities as a team.

As a result of my leadership, I created and fostered a friendly and sociable environment within the team by encouraging social conversation to create positive atmosphere.

Contribution to Project

Level Design

The level shown here is Level 13 in Kingdom Jump’s single player mode.

This level splits into two paths, aerial and ground, each with their own challenges. There is an option to switch paths at any time using the rising (blue) and falling (red) balloons.

Design Process

Using a written design in Level Design Documentation as guidance, I created a visual mockup for a level in GIMP. The Red objects are ground-based hazards. The Green objects are traps that fire projectiles at the player.

A blockout was created in Unity. This process involved placement and implementation of enemies, AI pathfinding and environmental hazards.

After testing and iterating on the blockout, I used proprietary tools to add art assets for the level.

Takeaways from working on this Project

➤ Working in a large-scale multi-disciplinary game development environment
➤ Gained experience in team and project management
➤ Designed and Implemented high quality, fun to play single player levels