Couch Co-op Puzzle Shooter

Couch Co-op Puzzle Shooter

Role: Game/Level Designer


  • Designed Challenges that required two players to communicate with each other to resolve
  • Programmed all gameplay logic using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints

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Prototype Intention

Designing and Implementing Game Mechanics and Level Design Elements to facilitate communication-based team-working and high-player dependencies in cooperative games by placing targets in a sequential fashion as requested by the project’s client.

Skills Demonstrated

● Unreal Blueprint Scripting

● Sequential Object and Enemy Placement

● Basic Level Blockout using BSP

● Designing for player communication for local co-op

● Balancing and Tuning variables at instance level

What Worked?

● Scripting mechanics that forced players to coordinate and time their shots, making them communicate with each other. Demonstrated by the purple-coloured enemies.

● Sequencing of targets and in-game problems from easiest to hardest by sticking closely to a principle known as Well-Ordered Problems.

● Using coloured lighting to subtly communicate solutions to problems to players as well as communicating when they can progress to the next room.

What could be improved?

● AI behaviour was too simple (not using behaviour trees and blackboards and relying purely on custom events), making it hard to tune and balance.

● Did not make use of inheritance for Blueprint objects, meaning scripting work became repetitive and confusing due to manually scripting mechanics for duplicated objects

● Level layout design could have had more thought put into it in the context of a cooperative game where player communication is the key component to success.