Role: Game/Level Designer

Team Size: 6


  • Designed Game Flow using Flow Diagrams
  • Designed AI Behaviour using Flow Diagrams
  • Created a Spreadsheet to design and balance enemies
  • Created Level Blockout in Unity’s Scene Editor
  • Adjusted and Tweaked Gameplay Mechanics and Behaviour of Gameplay and Level Design elements


  • Honourable Mention for Engagement with Diversity Award for designing an accessibility feature that allowed the player to play with only the mouse.

Download Antiviral Here

Software Used:

  • Unity 2019
  • Google Sheets
  • GitHub

This project was worked on by a team consisiting of myself (Game and Level Design), two programmers, one VFX artist and two 3D artists over the course of four days for the University of Portsmouth Game Jam in 2020. My contributions to Antiviral was creating Design Documentation in the form of spreadsheets and flow diagrams, creating the level be defining the boundaries in which the player and enemies would stay within, placing the enemies and tweaking enemy behaviour to create a fun and balanced experience.

This game was given an honourable mention for the Engagement with Diversity Award for designing and implementing an auto-pilot option in the game which allows the user to play the game with just the mouse without any need to use the keyboard to steer the ship.