I’m a Gameplay/Level Designer who holds two degrees, a Bachelor’s and Master’s, in Computer Games Technology after four years of study at the University of Portsmouth.

Since completing my studies, I have worked a handful of freelance Game and Level Design roles, the first giving me the opportunity to do level design using proprietry software for an AAA game project, the second giving me an opportunity to design levels for an Indie game in Unity.

While I was a student, I took part in the University of Portsmouth’s annual Game Jam. In the 2018 Game Jam, my team won the Engagement with Diversity Award because of strong references to Indian culture in the game’s feel and soundtrack. You can learn more here.

I have a strong interest in First-Person Shooters and Role-Playing Games, especially any that also fall within the High Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi genres but am open to going out of my comfort zone.

My favourite games are currently Borderlands, Halo, The Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Devil May Cry.

Outside of being a Game Designer (and obviously playing lots of video games), I like to play Dungeons & Dragons and I regularly attend popular culture events such as gaming exhibitions and comic book conventions.