Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer

Project Stealth

Download the Vertical Slice Prototype here
View the Project Stealth Documentation here

What was done?

➤ Paper-based Level Drafting
➤ Blocking Out using BSP Geometry
➤ Progression Mechanics
➤ Balancing and Tuning of Player and AI behaviours and actions
➤ Creation of Modular Assets using pre-made asset pieces
➤ Enemy and Item Placement
➤ Placement of Blocking Volumes

Game Description:

Project Stealth (working title) is a Third-Person Stealth Game where the player takes on the role of a Bounty Hunter who’s mission is to bring the criminal mastermind, a man known as “The Shark” to justice and end his gang’s influence and violence in the city. The game was designed and developed using Unreal Engine 4’s level editor and Blueprint scripting system.

Level Drafts:

Jailbreak Version 1
Jailbreak Version 2
Jailbreak Version 3
Final Draft for Jailbreak

Level Blockout Process:

Bare Level Template using BSP and testing of Door Behaviours (6th November 2019)

Important Information:

This game is still in development at the time of writing this page. The vertical slice prototype is currently playable and further prototypes will be released as development continues.

Assets Used:

Paragon Hero Phase by Epic Games
Soul City Environmental Assets by Epic Games
Infinity Blade VFX Pack by Epic Games
Ice Cool
Human Vocalisations Pack