Stephen Mark Smith - Gameplay Designer

Zyburnetique 2-Page Pitch

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Two-Page Pitch Document of Game Idea “Zyburnetique” – Created as part of a Game Design project during my first year at University

NOTE: The contact details written in this document are false. Do NOT attempt to contact me using the details listed.

During my first year of University, I had to create a two-page pitch document for a game of my own design. The only restrictions I had was to create a game that was my own intellectual property, so no sequels to existing games and previous works that I had completed in the past, and that the game idea had to be a Triple A game for PC, Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 (The modern gaming platforms at the time of creating the document).

In response to this, I created Zyburnetique, a futuristic first-person hack n’ slash for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The player would take on the role of a man who escaped from a facility where he undergoing a cybernetic transformation to become an android that served a corrupt government. As a result, the main character became a cyborg and swore that he’d use his cybernetic enhancements to expose the government for their crimes against humanity. The main character would engage in cinematic-style fights against government androids and machines. The combat itself would engage in a first-person view unless the player achieved a high score in their ‘Awesome-meter’, when the player would start witnessing the main character pulling off very dexterous and impressive fighting styles in third-person.

This game idea took inspiration from both the ‘Halo’ and ‘Devil May Cry’ game franchises as well as the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise.

This pitch document was a part of me achieving a First-class mark for the unit this document was written for. As it was a first-year unit, it didn’t go towards my final degree mark.