Stephen Mark Smith - Gameplay Designer

VR Medical SafeSpace – Final Year Group Project

October 2017 – March 2018

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
VR Tech: Oculus Rift

During my final year of University, I was assigned to work on a safe and relaxing virtual environment, using VR technology, to remove the stress and anxiety of going through chemotherapy, as requested by a client who was interested in carrying out research into how guided meditation and VR could be used to help people who are undergoing medical treatment.

This project was a collaborative effort between myself, two 3D artists and a programmer. I was the Designer for this project and my contributions included writing the design documentation using the wiki feature in Taiga, creating level mapping concepts and blockouts and creating algorithmic flow diagrams which were implemented in Unreal Engine by the group’s programmer.


Full Level Blockout


Flow Chart for Companion Character AI and Animations


Flow Chart for Stick Throwing Mechanic