Stephen Mark Smith - Gameplay Designer

Project Eclipse 5-Minute Pitch (March 2017)


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During my 2nd year of University, I attended a game pitching session where I pitched a basic idea for a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter featuring an RPG-inspired mechanic. This pitch was observed by the game design expert, Ernest Adams, who provided me with feedback on the pitch after giving out the presentation.

The interesting mechanic I pitched was an idea for a gun known as the ‘ECLP-Morph’ which was a weapon that adapted to suit the player’s play style. For instance, if a player was killing their enemies a lot at long distances, the ECLP-Morph would respond by evolving from an Assault Rifle to a Marksman Rifle (as an example).

As the pitch was brief and the game idea had not evolved from just the evolving gun mechanic, this pitch didn’t have further designs (i.e. level designs) to support the mechanic. In fact, when receiving feedback, I was advised to consider my level designs to work around the mechanic I had in mind as well as fleshing out other details such as the playing being able to have more than one ECLP-Morph and mentioning that they have a sidearm so they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage (all which were not present in the slide show).

Ultimately, I took this as an exercise to come up with a game idea quickly and designing my own gameplay mechanisms as well as pitching it to an audience.