Stephen Mark Smith - Aspiring Game Designer

Other Works and Projects

Here you will see my collection of additional works that I done in the past.

DISCLAIMER: The following content was created for the purposes of education and/or recreation and have not been used to generate a profit of any kind.

Mod – Alicia, a companion NPC (December 2016)

My very first mod for ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition’ brings a new character to serve as the Dragonborn’s companion. This mod was created using Bethesda’s Creation Kit for ‘Skyrim’ and was created as a way of me learning how to create companion characters for the game. This mod supports all versions of the Special Edition release of ‘Skyrim’.

PC Version      Xbox One Version      PlayStation 4 Version


Sun and Moon of Anticipation, created as part of a Graphic Design course where I had to create a visual book on the Positive Mind Set – March 2015

Postcard3 - Countryside

Postcard Design: The Countryside (Inspired by the works of John Constable) – September 2013

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