Stephen Mark Smith - Aspiring Game Designer

Outback – Portsmouth GameJam 2017

Splash Screen

(Artwork created by group member James Atherton)
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Folder Contents: Outback Executable file, Outback Data files (Essential for the game to run) & Design Document for Outback

I took part in the University of Portsmouth Game Jam in June 2017 where I had to work with a team to develop a game based on a selection of randomly selected themes in less than five days. The themes of Game Jam 2017 were Women’s Tennis, Scavenger Beetles and the States of Quilpie (Region of Queensland, Australia).

In response to these themes, my team design and attempted to develop a survival game in the style of ‘Left 4 Dead’. In Outback, the player takes on the role of The Bogun who must survive the invasion of giant alien beetles in his outback home throughout the course of 10 minutes. My contributions to the project was the vast majority of design documentation and a large amount of the programming. The game was developed using Unity 5.4 using C# scripting.

As it was the first Game Jam that I ever took part in, the project was very ambitious. As a result, we ended up with a prototype that demonstrated a basic visual idea of how the game would look but lacking in gameplay due to the lack of programming experience on top of limited understanding of the Unity game engine that myself and the other programmer on the team had at the time of development.

During the final stages of development, I managed to create a melee combat system (without animation) that functioned well. Unfortunately, the system broke when I attempted to create a death state for the player and enemy characters, resulting in the player only being able to do one thing; RUN.