Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer

Fish Styx – University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2019

Download from
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

What was done?
➤ Scripted User Interface functionality using Blueprint
➤ Blocked out level cells (See video below)
➤ Assisted artists by implementing materials onto art assets in Unreal Engine
➤ Communicated game vision to audio specialists who created background music for the game

Game Description
I participated in the University of Portsmouth Game Jam in June 2019 as part of a team of six individuals, myself as the Designer, one programmer and four artists, who developed an Endless Side-Scroller with the simple objective of accumulating score and playtime.

The video below shows a sample of my level blockouts and HUD work before it was updated by artists and programmers for the completed game.

What Worked?
➤ Effectively communicated the game vision and feel to get suitable audio into the game
➤ Managed to speed up art pipeline due to implementing materials in engine
➤ Managed to create effective and working gameplay using the guidelines put in place by artists and programmers that I worked alongside

What could have been improved?
➤ Needed the project programmer to complete certain functions before I could start making level blockouts due to genre of choice. This caused a delay in my contributions to the project and could have been improved by writing up audio requirements prior to seeking out assistance from audio specialists who were external to the team.
➤ Scripting was limited to user interface functionality and couldn’t contribute much to the gameplay functionality
➤ More cell blockouts could have been created by communicating what environmental assets were being created by the artists and working with those guidelines to create a wide range of blockouts that would have reduced time for artists when decorating the cells with completed assets