Stephen Mark Smith - Gameplay Designer

Fish Styx – University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2019

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Released 21st June 2019

Engine Used: Unreal Engine 4

I participated in the University of Portsmouth Game Jam in June 2019 as part of a team of six individuals including myself and the team developed an Endless Side-Scroller with the simple objective of accumulating score and playtime.

My contributions to this project was blocking out the level segments which were randomly generated as play progressed, implementing the functionality for the game’s widgets, those being the game heads-up display, the main menu and the game over screen, implementing audio files which were royalty-free and/or created by collaborators who were external to the team and getting the timer functionality working. I also implemented a handful of the materials for the art assets which helped to speed up the art pipeline for the project.

The video below shows a sample of my level blockouts and HUD work before it was updated by artists and programmers for the completed game.