Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer

Chaos Crusaders page & Download:

December 2017 –¬†June 2018

Engine: GameMaker Studio 2

CONTROLS (Xbox Controller):
Menu Navigation: D-Pad up/down
Menu Selection: A Button
Shoot: X Button
Melee: B Button
Spell: A Button
Guard: Y Button

Make sure that the attack you’re trying to use is highlighted in green!

Chaos Crusaders is a Tactical Fighting Game which takes a combination of mechanics from the Fighting Game and Japanese Role-Playing Game genres to create a fighting game that requires smart, tactical thinking to overcome opponents instead of quick reactions and remembering combos.

The game was originally developed as a part of my Dissertation where I carried out research into creating a mechanic-driven game design procedure but it remained in development after the research was completed in March 2018 and was graded as a First Class (70+%). Development is planned to end in Summer 2018.

In May 2018, the project was converted to GameMaker Studio 2 where I was able to polish the game and provide support for up to two gamepad devices (i.e. Xbox One controllers)