Chaos Crusaders page & Download

Genre: Tactical Fighter with RPG-inspired elements
Software Used: GameMaker Studio 2 and Articy Draft

What was Done

● Character Class Design

● Game Flow

● Gameplay Scripting and Programming

Game Flow Diagram for Combat Logic

Initial Stat Setups for Character Classes

The game was originally developed alongside my Undergraduate Dissertaion on mechanic-driven game design procedures. It remained in development after the research was completed in March 2018 for polishing and presentation at the University of Portsmouth Graduate Show in May 2018. Development of Chaos Crusaders officially ended in June 2018.

CONTROLS (Xbox Controller):

● Menu Navigation: D-Pad up/down

● Menu Selection: A Button

● Shoot: X Button

● Melee: B Button

● Spell: A Button

● Guard: Y Button

Asset Credits are viewable in the game’s Credits screen