Stephen Mark Smith - Aspiring Game Designer

Chaos Crusaders

December 2017 – Present

Engine: GameMaker Studio

Chaos Crusaders is a Tactical Fighting Game which takes a combination of mechanics from the Fighting Game and Japanese Role-Playing Game genres to create a fighting game that requires smart, tactical thinking to overcome opponents instead of quick reactions and remembering combos.

The project was originally developed as part of my research into creating a mechanic-driven game design procedure.

The first iteration shows the core mechanic which uses a rock, paper, scissors format to determine which player gets to deal damage of not. See the video below to see this mechanic in action.

The second iteration was a more polished version of the original version of the game as it closed a few loopholes, including one where players could make last second changes to their attacks and gain an unfair advantage, which players abused. An experimental fourth attack option was also added to this version of the game and the healthbar was updated to be true to the value of the player’s current health rather than updating at certain numbers.