Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer

Chaos Crusaders: Mayhem Unleashed

Download the Latest Version Here

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

What was done?
➤ Scripted Endless Wave-Based enemy Spawning using Blueprint
➤ Scripted random item spawning and placement using Blueprint
➤ Designed alternative player health systems and player debuffs
➤ Designed enemies that cause different effects to happen to the player (View the spreadsheet for this here)

Game Description
Chaos Crusaders: Mayhem Unleashed is a comedic wave-based action RPG game which uses multiple debuffs instead of traditional health. The rule is to make sure the player avoids suffering one of the debuff effects too many times or they will collapse, meaning game over for the player.

What Worked?
➤ A range of systems working together to create a unique experience where debuffs replace health
➤ Simple level layout that’s capable of demonstrating the systems that were designed for this game
➤ The idea of debuffs instead of health was liked by people who followed the development of this game

What could have been improved?
➤ AI scripting did not make use of Unreal’s Behaviour Tree functionality, making AI functionality harder to balance and tune
➤ Debuff idea created a risk of the player being at a major disadvantage if they were debuffed too much. This was fixed by implementing automatic regeneration for the strength and speed systems but still made game balancing very challenging
➤ Blueprint scripts were very messy due to implementation of complex mechanics such as randomised object spawning and enemy spawning.