Stephen Mark Smith - Aspiring Game Designer

Chaos Crusaders – Final Year Project

August 2017 – Present

Chaos Crusaders is my final year individual project at University.

It’s a Tactical Fighting Game which takes a combination of mechanics from the Fighting Game and Japanese Role-Playing Game genres to create a fighting game that requires smart, tactical thinking to overcome opponents instead of quick reactions and remembering combos.

The project is being developed as part of my planned research into prototyping and iterating gameplay mechanics as well as gameplay mechanics in general.

View the sections below to see my progress from the beginning right the way through to the end. Note that this page will be updated as I make progress through the project.

August 2017 Progress:

So far I’ve come up with the basic ideas for the playable characters and locations and I’ve started working on the design documentation of the game.

I developed the character ideas by selecting a few character and attribute cards from the game ‘Superfight’ (created by Darin Ross) to develop the stimulus for character designs. I used the same procedure for the locations but using the blue location cards from ‘Superfight’. I have managed to create some concept artwork which I will post here as soon as possible.

As for the design document, I know I won’t be able to cover everything at this moment in time as there’s a lot to cover. I can’t judge what will or won’t be present as of yet as I’m still developing the project. The first version of the design document is not likely to be finished until I’m able to do my first playtest of the mechanics of Chaos Crusaders.

Other than that, I’m currently reading some game design literature to help with the research to back up the game’s design.