Stephen Mark Smith - Aspiring Game Designer and Programmer

Game Design Portfolio

Here you will find samples of Game Design documentation and other design work I’ve done. Feel free to take a look at my previous works.

Mod – Alicia, a companion NPC (December 2016)

My very first mod for ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition’ brings a new character to serve as the Dragonborn’s companion. This mod was created using Bethesda’s Creation Kit for ‘Skyrim’ and was created as a way of me learning how to create companion characters for the game. This mod supports all versions of the Special Edition release of ‘Skyrim’.

PC Version      Xbox One Version      PlayStation 4 Version

Physical Game Prototypes – “Scape Wars” and “Deity TCG” (October 2016 – December 2016)

During the first half of my second year of University, I worked alongside four other students to create physical prototypes for two different game ideas. As a group, we created a grid-based strategy board game which was titled “Scape Wars” and a trading card game titled “Deity”. My group developed the ideas and pieces needed to make the games playable and we invited a wide variety of different people from various gaming backgrounds (computer games, board games and tabletop role-playing) to play test our games and provide feedback to tell us how the games performed from the point of view of the player. We made improvements to our designs following feedback from our play testers.


NOTE: No “Deity” images are present as I’ve yet to get permission to use the card designs from the original author.

Tank Game (November 2015 – April 2016)

This Tank game was created using C++ Programming and the OpenGL graphics library as part of my first year of studying Computer Games Development at University. Unfortunately I cannot provide a playable demo but I do have code snippets from this project as well as a video of the game in action

Code Snippets – Tank and Bullet Classes from Tank Game

Zyburnetique – Pitch Document (April 2016)
Two-Page Pitch Document of Game Idea “Zyburnetique” – Created as part of a Game Design project during my first year at University

NOTE: The contact details written in this document are false. Do NOT attempt to contact me using the details listed.

Kilagiti Wars – Documentation and Proposal (May 2015)
Design Documentation for Game Idea “Kilagiti Wars” – Originally written as part of a Game Design project during my final year at College.


Click on the links to download the files/folders. Make sure you read the requirements listed below should they be there.

Roll A Ball

Released on 3rd July 2015

My first full game created using Unity. Created by following a tutorial on Unity’s website.

– Windows Operating System (Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and works fine on both operating systems)
– Play the game in WINDOWED mode to be able to close the game normally. If you play in full screen, use Windows Task Manager to close the game.
– The game should run on Windows PCs with a wide range of graphics cards both good and not-so-good.

Space Shooter Windows
Space Shooter Mac

Released 8th July 2015

My second full game created using Unity. Created by following a tutorial on the official Unity website.

If you are using Windows, download the “Space Shooter Windows” files
Mac users are to download the “Space Shooter Mac” files