Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer



➤ Unreal Blueprint

➤ Level Greyboxing in Unreal Engine 4

➤ Adobe Photoshop

➤ Paper-Based Game Prototyping

➤ Balancing and Tuning Game Mechanics and Logic

➤ Design Documentation


QA Customer Support Representative at Freejam Studios

➤ Assisting customers with technical problems related to games developed by Freejam

➤ Discussed bug reports with QA to work out whether or not bugs could be resolved by the customer or if it was a problem QA needed to investigate


Master’s Degree in Computer Games Technology – University of Portsmouth – 2018 – 2019

➤ Grade: Predicted Merit

➤ Developed a prototype for a local two player co-op puzzle shooter using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Scripting

➤ Learned about designing and implementing player character skills and figuring out how they could be used in a multiplayer context

➤ Learned about designing and implementing mechanics that encourage players to communicate with each other to solve in-game problems

➤ Learned a level design technique for sequencing challenges from easiest to hardest difficulty

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Games Technology – University of Portsmouth – 2015 – 2018

➤ Grade: First Class Honours

➤ Specialised in Gameplay Design and Prototyping

➤ Wrote Design Documentation and Designed the Level for a VR Application for Chemotherapy patients

➤ Developed an understanding of game mechanics, creative problem solving skills, physical and digital game prototyping techniques, playtesting game prototypes and an understanding of player psychology.

Hobbies & Interests

➤ Participated in 3 Game Jams as a Designer and won an award for Engagement with Diversity in one of the events

➤ Volunteer for the Game Over Retro Gaming Cafe in Portsmouth (Summer 2018)

➤ Was the elected Vice-President for the Gaming and Board Gaming Societies at the University of Portsmouth Student’s Union

➤ Was on the Insider Program to test a Halo: The Master Chief Collection update (Summer 2018)

➤ Designing and Playing as Characters for Dungeons & Dragons

➤ Attending Comic Book Conventions

➤ Playing Video Games

➤ Watching Japanese Anime