Stephen Mark Smith - Game/Level Designer

About Stephen

I’m a very determined and passionate Game and Level Designer with expertise in designing game mechanics, sequencing in-game challenges for levels and design documentation. I’ve created prototypes using experimental mechanics in Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint scripting system for single player and multiplayer game ideas.

I have just completed a Master’s Degree in Computer Games Technology following a successful undergraduate degree in the same subject, specialising as a Designer, where I graduated with a First Class Honours degree.

Over the past four years of studying game design, I’ve gained a considerable amount of experience in designing game levels and environments on paper and in Unreal Engine 4.

During my Master’s Degree, I designed a level greybox using Unreal Engine 4’s BSP, scripted in-game challenges, basic AI and level logic using Unreal Engine Blueprints and placed them into the level in a sequential order to allow the player to learn the game’s mechanics as they progressed through the level. This project also made use of trigger boxes that would open doors once certain conditions were met for level progression purposes.

During my final year of undergraduate studies, I drafted a level using paper-based techniques for a team-based client project, worked alongside the project manager to create a level greybox in Unreal Engine 4 and was responsible for all of the Design Documentation. Throughout the project, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with game programmers and artists to create a project to a client brief.

In my spare time, I have been teaching myself techniques for Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint scripting and level design techniques which have included wave-based enemy spawning and improving my ability to script enemy navigation behaviours.