Stephen Mark Smith - Game Designer

Why Project Stealth failed but Antarctic Ranger is succeeding

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my game design and development projects, prior to the Christmas period in 2019, I was working on a game that was codenamed Project Stealth, intended to be a stealth game which intended to demonstrate my level design skills but I felt as if I was struggling to

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Weekly Reflection – 1/11/2019

Well, it’s now November and the end of yet another week which means reflection time. This week I managed to get two more level drafts for the Project Stealth’s revised level, Jailbreak, completed, meaning I’m now ready to move on to evaluating the drafts and whipping up a final draft in preparation for making the

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Weekly Plan – 28/10/2019

It’s a new week and I’m still recovering from a fun day up at MCM Comic Con on Saturday (where I was tipped at a possible opportunity by a visiting indie developer who I met at an event earlier this year) but that doesn’t stop me from continuing work on Project Stealth. As mentioned last

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